Friday, September 24, 2010

(This is what can happen if you've had too much wine before posting on your blog.)

Why did I leave California, if I liked it so much, you ask. Hmph! I was dragged, I tell you! Dragged, from my California home, my fingers digging into the rich soil, over the mountains and through the woods, leaving civilization behind forever, forced to follow the man I didn't love, into the wilds of godforsaken UTAH! Utah - land of the setting sun. Dark superstition and light madness. There was nowhere to run, no one to turn to as I battled the demons of the desert.

But was that bad enough? No! Of course not! Five years later, when my torn and ragged fingers had finally healed, the March of Whines was resumed. Off into the always rising sun we drove, finally stopping at the Beast of the East, Lancaster Pennsylvania.

After several more years of suffering, my wild ride was resumed, this time led by a Greek God, truly, the God of Lust, who rose from the ashes of my incinerated libido and raised me to heights never known in the Mountain State. I became a poet!

I am Zeldor! See me soar!
Never again shall I muffle my voice or deny my choice!
I will lead the parade in the March of Rhymes.
I will reside in the middle of the riddle.
There can be no worse verse.
I will pine for the sublime.
But I will never be clever.
I will moan alone.
I won't try.


carlos de la parra said...

Loved it Z.
No butter in the gutter.

Gorilla Bananas said...

Dear Madam Z, I hope you soar back to California on a powerful tail wind, where the warm sunshine will make your tail as brown as a berry.

Randal Graves said...

Moaning alone is okay, just don't forget to put the porn back underneath the bed.

Madam Z said...

Thanks, Carlos. No stutter in the mutter.

Dear Mr. Bananas, will the boy gorillas like me better if my tail is "brown as a berry?"

Thanks for the reminder, Randal.

Anonymous said...

You spin quite a tale here "Z".
Always a pleasure reading your work. Sorry you didn't get it to the contest, you got my vote.