Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Living Libido Loco

My meno paused, then left for good.
"Good riddance," declared my libido, unpacking her bags.
I'm moving in.
She was lively, she was lustful.
Then depression jostled for space, dominating my moods.
Libido hid out.
Medication to the rescue!
SSRIs did the trick, evicting that nasty depression.
Come back, Libido!
Yeah, right. Read the label, sucker!
Those meds and I can't live under the same roof.
Libido moved out.
"I'll try something else," I pleaded.
Look! This one says it will make me happy AND horny!
I lied, but it worked.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Hi Kuh! How Are You?

I understand men.
They are such simple creatures.
All they want is sex.
Though I'm a woman,
I don't understand women.
We're complicated.
Some of us use sex
To get what we want from men.
It's a win, win deal!
I dislike summer,
but not as much as winter.
Spring's okay though.
Too hot or too cold.
Is "just right" too much to ask?
Apparently so.
It's late and I'm tired.
I'll go to bed now, and dream...
Dream of "just right" sex.