Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Living Libido Loco

My meno paused, then left for good.
"Good riddance," declared my libido, unpacking her bags.
I'm moving in.
She was lively, she was lustful.
Then depression jostled for space, dominating my moods.
Libido hid out.
Medication to the rescue!
SSRIs did the trick, evicting that nasty depression.
Come back, Libido!
Yeah, right. Read the label, sucker!
Those meds and I can't live under the same roof.
Libido moved out.
"I'll try something else," I pleaded.
Look! This one says it will make me happy AND horny!
I lied, but it worked.


Gorilla Bananas said...

You lied, but it worked. I take comfort from that cryptic ending, Madame Z.

Bukowski's Basement said...

Yes, I dug that, too... That damned libido!! ;)

fraNKlin said...

There are many reasons for low libido in men; common underlying cause for decreased sexual interest and activity is not always obvious. Low libido might be a result from physical conditions (like illness or infections), psychological triggers (such as distress or anxiety), or other causation components such as dislike towards the partner or feeling bored with the same partner. When a man feels that his formerly normal libido has stalled or looks like gone altogether, there could be some medical or emotional problems at the root.