Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Helllllloooooo....hellllllooooo.... Is anyone out there? Am I all alone in this strange world called the Blogosphere? Will anyone ever hear my thin, tinny voice? Will anyone ever find out that I have nothing to say? If I must notify my friends and family that I am posting my meager thoughts on the Internet, and instruct them to sign on and read those posts, what is the point? I should just send them an email. For now I will conclude that no one will read what I am now writing, so I can say whatever the hell I want to. It is completely safe. Okay, here goes...

I've been thinking a lot about frogs lately. They're so green, so wet, so croaky. Soon they will be extinct. So will I.

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Bill Stankus said...

Ya know, blog readers are a strange lot - hardly anyone reads earlier posts. I mean, I too have some good stuff for my first things and no one ever goes there to find out even if there's a first posting. So there.

And I too made it to the top of Angel's Landing. Walters Wiggles are a killer but the view is good.