Thursday, April 19, 2007

Tonight I'm going to write a poem. Here goes! Are you ready? Wait a minute, you're not even listening. Good! I'm glad! I don't care if you or anyone else is listening. So there!

My words have less weight than a grain of sand on an infinite beach
They matter less than one drop of water in all the seven seas
They make no sound
I have no voice


DCup said...

You have a voice
I hear it in my head
It shouts things irreverent
It whispers things true
It quips things humorous

Your words make sounds
Like clear bells and buzzy bees
And wicked laughter

Inside my head, the words, the voice. The poetry.

Great short piece! I love your stuff - you make me laugh and think. Awesome combination.

Madam Z said...

Aw gee, dcup. Thank you. And...the feeling is mutual.