Sunday, August 26, 2007

Fire and flood. Fire in Greece and floods in Ohio. Death and destruction. Death and destruction in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Darfur. Death is inevitable, of course, but it's especially regrettable when it is caused willfully by warmaking humans. Most Americans sit complacently in their nice, safe homes, thinking they're probably going to be just fine, knowing that if something scary happens they can call the police, but probably nothing scary will happen. They are more concerned about football scores than IEDs. That's good, of course. I am very, very glad I live in America, where, in spite of questionable leadership and occasional floods, we are relatively safe from harm. That may change, but for now we're okay. The citizens of Iraq are not okay. They cannot step outside of their homes to try to buy food without fear of being blown up or witnessing others being blown up. They cannot sit calmly in a coffee shop and chat with friends. Riding in a car or bus is an exercise in anxiety. At any moment, a bunch of soldiers or other militants can bash in their front door and shoot and/or rape anyone in the house. And yet, they believe in god. This is incredible to me.

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