Friday, August 24, 2007

Okay, I'm back. Twelve days of no blogging makes Z a dull girl. So...I'm gonna sharpen my pencil, throw out my inhibitions and let 'er rip. Are you ready for Part 2 of Dangerous Sex?

It was a grey and snowy afternoon and Pan-Man and I were trying, once again, to find a safe place to rock and roll. He was driving my old, orange Toyota down a back road, looking unsuccessfully for someplace to park. I was crazy with lust and could not keep my hands off of him. In spite of his concentration on the slippery, ice-covered road, his lovely cock responded nicely to my stroking. At that point, I lost all semblance of sanity and buried my face in his lap. He was saying, "Wait, wait..." but I couldn't. I blew him like there was no tomorrow, and there almost wasn't. When I sat up again, I saw that the car was sliding downhill and Pan-man was struggling mightily to get it under control. He succeeded, of course, but was shaken. "Geez, that was the weirdest thing that ever happened to me. I was trying to keep the car from sliding off of the road at the same time rockets were going off in my crotch." Becoming aware of what might have happened to us cooled my ardor and I had to wait until the next time to get my rockets off.


DCup said...

Sex in cars - there's just nothing like it.

Mind you, I'm so glad to not have to do it in auto anymore.

But the memories! I'm glad you're sharing your stories.

D said...

I came over to leave you a comment but look who left a comment 1st - my sweet Dcup. She speaks first and best.

KELSO'S NUTS said...

My God, but Pan-Man plays BIG! I simply do NOT have THAT much gamble in me and I've got a lot. I've moved money in Russia right after the fall of the USSR. I play in a huge stakes Omaha game with a few Colmbian money-washers. Pan-Man's totally got the overs on me for bravery.

He ought to take up No-Limit Hold 'em or Omaha. Definitely has the personality for the volatility of it.

I remember getting sucked off in the back seat of a NYC taxi cab on my way to the woman's house in New Jersey. It was a clear night with very little traffic. And I started think "Jesus Christ, this cab hita a pothole and I'm headed for microsurgery if I'm lucky!"

I called a halt to the action immediately and believe me I don't scare easily.