Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sounds Good..... But.....
Well, I watched the Obama Show. It was good - well executed, well produced and directed. He looked great, sounded great, made a lot of big promises. But, except for the $10 billion a month to be saved by getting out of Iraq, I didn't hear anything about how all of this largesse is to be paid for. On the contrary, he promised a tax reduction for everyone earning less than $200,000 per year. That's most of us. Implied, of course, though I didn't hear him actually say it in this particular ad, is that he will raise taxes on those earning more than $200k. I'm too lazy to do the research and the math, but I doubt that he could raise taxes on the relatively wealthy enough to pay for more than a small part of his lofty promises.

So, where does that leave us, if he gets elected (and I hope he does, as it's better than the alternative)? Answer: It will leave us deeper in debt, borrowing even more from foreign countries to finance our profligate spending. How long can that go on? No one knows, because it's all new territory. We've never had such a huge national debt. And there seems to be no plan to try to reduce it. Instead, we have Santa Obamaclaus with his big sack of goodies, handing them out to all the smiling, wide-eyed, admiring "children."
I just hope his elves don't go on strike.


KELSO'S NUTS said...


I was just by the old Kelso's Nuts site which I check periodically and noticed your note. I'm sticking with my plan. I only post at EDITORIALS FROM HELL'S LEADING DAILY NEWSPAPER now because I live what they're doing and am proud to be part of it and don't want to cannibalized their traffic with my old site.

I just started co=hosting the RAW DAWG BUFFALO RADIO SHOW with Torrance Stephens and Lovebabz and that's all I do outside the DAILY PITCHFORD and there's plenty of promotion of it on the show. Which you should listen to, by the way! If you want to, that is.

Madam Z said...

Kelso, I'd love to listen to your radio show, but don't know where to look for it. How do I find it?