Thursday, February 19, 2009

It's Just Dust!

The best thing about blogging (and other Internet activities) is that it gives me an excuse not to do other things; things I do not want to do. Such as dusting. I do not like to dust. I don't know why. I put it off until the dust gets high enough that I could probably plant seeds in it, and have an indoor garden.

The drawback of blogging (and other Internet activities) is that my computer sits on my desk, which has a large, dust collecting surface, with two shelves mounted on the desk, one of which is at eye-level, and both of which are covered with dust. I don't notice it at night, because the light is dim. But in the daytime, the sun slants through the window behind the desk and highlights the evidence of my shameful neglect. Fortunately, I have a short attention span, so it's usually not a big problem. Unless, that is, I start to think about the composition of dust. That is what I am doing now. What's IN that shit, anyway? I think I read somewhere that a lot of it is dead skin cells, and the dust mites that feed on the skin cells (but I'm not going to think about that now, or I would get all paranoid and probably have to set fire to all the surfaces). Then there's the regular dirt that gets airborne and then lands on the furniture. There's hair, too. And probably all kinds of dead insect parts. Much of it is surely just small fibres from clothing and furniture upholstery. When my kids were little, we had a couple episodes of pinworm infestation, and our family doctor told me that the pinworm eggs were probably covering every surface in the house and the only hope for not reinfecting us all was to thoroughly dust and disinfect all those surfaces (along with boiling every piece of bedding and clothing that we owned). And while I'm pretty darn sure that neither Hubby nor I are afflicted with PW, I still think of that possible component of dust, on the rare occasion that I do break out the Swifters.
Bottom line is that there's no good reason to stir up that yukky stuff very often. Let sleeping dust lie... until, of course, my mother-in-law is due for a visit. When that happens, the dust will fly!


Bill Stankus said...

You must clean!
Dust is really the poop of micro alien invaders sent to earth to slow us down and gunk up our technology. Once they have covered the earth in dust, they will send their micro troops and use gigantic Dyson spaceships to suck our brains out. At least that's what I've heard ... down at the Dew Drop Inn.

BTW, I think Mothers-In-Law is a military rank in the invaders army.

Madam Z said...


Layla said...

lol Did you see that art-from-dust bunnies display?

Might inspire you, hmm...? ;)

Though not sure how environmentally friendly they actually are...? lol

Lisa said...

You crack me up!

Where my computer sits at work, I can see the dust in all its glory when the sun shines in.

Dust? Nah.

I'll just wish for cloudy days.....

fingers said...

There's a wonderful book on the subject of dust.
It's called 'Dust' and deals with the consequences for the earth following the disappearance of all the creepy little things that dust is composed mites and motes.
Turns out we really do need our dust...

Creepy said...

What about dust mites?