Sunday, August 15, 2010

It's hot here, sitting outside of Starbucks
at a wobbly table, near the highway
with unpleasant music piped from a speaker
right above my head

I'm drinking hot, bitter coffee, but I don't know why
I could have ordered iced, sweet coffee
I could have sat inside the cafe
in luxurious cool, conditioned air
But - there were too many people inside
I don't like too many people
I don't like many people, either
I am hot and bitter
I wish I were cool and sweet, but it's too late
I was never cool, no matter how hard I tried
So, I might as well be hot, hot and sweaty
gasping for breath, but resisting my urges
If I must be hot and sweaty,
why can't I be in the arms of a hot sweaty man
Why can't I have a smooth, creamy man inside me,
instead of a hot, bitter cup of coffee
Next time, I'll go to Sexy Bucks, instead of Starbucks
where I'll order something sweet and filling
And I'll stay inside the cafe, where it's cool
so I can be hot in comfort


Bukowski's Basement said...

Yowza... Nice one.

I'm with you. I hate the Starbuck interiors as well. ;)

Gorilla Bananas said...

I call that poetry from the crotch. I can almost smell your lust.

Will said...

"Hot and Sweaty", perhaps the key words to the next millennium. Hopefully $tarbucks will be gone by then.

Did you know, Many people in Seattle hate $tarbucks? That's because the the owner of $tarbucks is responsible for the city losing it's much loved NBA team, the Seattle Supersonics. He sold the team to some guy in Oklahoma.

Nothingman said...

Sexybucks would be mighty fine coffee chain. If I some day open a cafe like that i'll offer you free coffee for life!



Laurita said...

Wow. This was smooth and creamy, and definitely hot.

Randal Graves said...

I want to patronize your coffee shop.

Cody Taylor said...

Sexybucks. I'd like to try one of their lattes.

Culture Served Raw said...

Original and entertaining. Great work!

Ms Smack said...

I've never been into a starbucks...or tried their coffee.

Is it nice, normally?

Jodi MacArthur said...

Hot poem.
Every neighborhood needs a SexyBucks. ;-)
Can you get any more adorable?