Monday, November 26, 2007

Just Give Me a Couple of Days...It'll Get Better

Tonight I feel tired, old and I'm just "running out the clock." I have no dreams anymore, no aspirations, no hopes. I am conscious of my mortality and sometimes I think "good, I don't want to live much longer." What's the point? I attempt little, and accomplish less. My life has no significance. I am just one molecule in the vast swarm of human life occupying an overburdened planet. It's time to...


And drink some COFFEE!

And listen to some good SALSA MUSIC!

And wake up hubby...

M-M-M-M-M...Life is good.


~Miss Smack said...

hey honey. I have days, sometimes weeks like this. I think its normal to fall into these pits and troughs but if it gets serious, talk to a friend about it, or email me until the cows come home. I'll always listen xx

electro-kevin said...

Poor you.

I'm linking you so keep in touch won'tchya ?