Monday, February 18, 2008

Kids say the darndest things, according to several bloggers I've been reading lately. I just finished reading a beautiful post by west coast walker in which he recounts the story of his four-year-old son asking him "Where is the wall at the end of the world?" Mr. Walker was impressed by the "matter of fact" way the boy asked the question.

Of course, this reminded me immediately of a question my son (Precious) asked me, when he was about 5 or 6 years old. We had recently covered, in a very sketchy way, the subject of how the baby gets into the mommy's tummy and the role of the daddy in the scenario..Precious liked to cogitate on the mysteries of life and work up his own theories. Then he would present his hypothesis to me, often with a follow-up question. So, on this particular day, I was expecting something, because he had been sitting quietly for several minutes, deep in thought. I was sitting at the table, drinking a cup of coffee and reading. Precious spoke. "Mama, I know the daddy's seed floats through the air, from the daddy to the mommy [note: That is NOT what I had told him. ], but what happens if somebody else gets in the way?"

Somehow, I managed to swallow most of my coffee before bursting out laughing. He looked perplexed and embarrassed. "What's so funny?"

"I'm sorry, Precious. Don't worry about it. No one else can get in the way, because the mommy and daddy are alone when it happens."

That satisfied him for the time being. But when Hubby got home and I told him the story, he laughed and said, "When Precious grows up, he'll find out that you fibbed. Sometimes somebody else DOES get in the way."


Creepy said...

What happens when the seeds accidentally get on your dress?

Westcoast Walker said...

Great story - little minds are often more open to wonder and possibility than we are! I often wish that I could more readily induce the state of magical realism that permeates the mind of my children, as the world would be a far more intersting and awe inspiring place.

By the way, thanks for the nod in your posting. I am glad my little story was inspiring for you.

Fanny F said...

You are so right about kids saying the darndest things. I think it is because they are so uninhibited with their comments.

My son announced that my new lover looks like Shrek.

Warren Beatty said...

That's right. That is right.

Anonymous said...

Hee Hee. Love these stories! You have such a smart son. He generally knew the score.

I once bit a hole in a condom after it was used by MathMan and put it where the little spermies might get where they needed to go.

We thought about naming her Houdini, but instead we named her Chloe, otherwise known as The Dancer.

We learn so much from our kids, don't we?

Randal Graves said...

Heh heh.

Madam Z said...

creepy: I guess you'd feel "blue..."

ww: I used to smoke a little weed to "induce the state of magical realism." My world was a bit "more interesting and awe inspiring" back then.

fanny f: Shrek is pretty cute, especially if you like ogres.

warren b: You'll get no argument from me! :)

dcup: My oldest was a result of a hole in a condom too, but it was an accident!

randall g: heh heh spelled backwards is heh heh! heh heh

fingers said...

I don't have kids but I do have 2 very possessive cats who like to sit on the end of the bed and watch when I have visitors.
It's creepy but at least they don't ask questions later...

Madam Z said...

Fingers: I am STRUGGLING! STRUGGLING, I say, to keep myself from making any lame jokes about all the extra "pussy" you get on those occasions.