Saturday, March 15, 2008


Dr. Zaius tagged me with the following ape assignment:

A. List seven random things about yourself that people may not know.
B. Link the person who sent this to you, and leave a comment on their blog so that their readers
can visit yours.
C. Post the rules on your blog.
D. Tag 7 random people at the end of your post, linking their blog.
E. Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Since my inner ape admires and adores the Doctor, I will do his bidding, without further ado.

1. I have only the most tenuous grip on sanity. I am virtually hanging by my tail.
2. In spite of acknowledging this, I have decided that I no longer need to take Zoloft, and have been attempting to wean myself off of it.
3. My newfound mental clarity has enabled me to understand that my husband is an asshole. His hurtful words spurt from his orifice, like puffs of noxious gas.
4. I also understand that he has no control over his condition. It is a consequence of his being full of shit.
5. I used to think that it was my fault somehow. Now I know that it is not.
6. I intend to develop a virtual "gas mask" that will enable me to live in the same nest with him, without having to inhale the fumes.
7. I like bananas.

Now I must tag seven simians. So sorry if you'd rather stay sheltered, sweethearts.


Anita said...

Hi Madame Z ... saw your post on Kelso's blog so I thought I'd stop by and say hello. You know, I think you are really strong and really brave. Even though you don't feel that way.

I've learned in my life that people are who they and ultimately it's their own chosing. It's hard enough trying to live one's life in accordance with what we think is right and fair for ourselves, never mind taking it upon ourselves to be responsible for who another is. THAT, my dear, will ultimately destroy your self-esteem because it's something you cannot control and something for which you must not blame yourself.

I went to the garden store today and bought myself a lovely wind chime and hung it outside my door. It's making me very happy today.

Stay well Madame Z !!

KELSO'S NUTS said...

Z: I played the game. I like blog games. Thanks for including me.

KELSO'S NUTS said...

But Z, what was your great line again: "I cooked a man in Crisco/Just to watch him fry..."?

Close enough?

Dr. Zaius said...

What a coincidience! I like bananas too! I am sorry to hear that your husband is caught up in orifice politics, though.

Randal Graves said...

You certainly can't control other people who may or may not be wankers, no matter how much we wish to.

As for the tag, I just did this the other day. Now I have to come up with seven more random things? I'm not very interesting, so I don't know if I can!

Distributorcap said...

whoa madam z
all that and bananas!

ok i will try and think of things

fingers said...

Get rid of your dopey husband and get a bunch of bananas then...

Jewgirl said...

That was pretty brilliant, doll. You have to turn that into a 6S. I mean it.

PS: You're a fuckin riot, child.

Anonymous said...

Bananas could be useful in plugging up the oriface(s).

Love you and your grip on sanity.

Madam Z said...

"anita," you are lovely. Thank you for your thoughtful, helpful comments. I think I will go to the garden store tomorrow...

Kelso, I'm glad to know you like blog games! You will now be INUNDATED with them. (Not really, don't worry) And yes, that was my "great line."

Dr. Z, I had a feeling we had that fondness for bananas in common.

Randall, "you can't control other people..." Sigh. Sad but true...

Dcap, you should see what I can do with a bunch of mangoes!

fingers, I followed your advice! Mmmmmmm....bananas....

Jewgirl, thanks for the suggestion! 6S, here I come!

dcup, What a great idea! Good thing I saved one of the bananas...

Comrade Kevin said...

The fault, dear Brutus, lies not with ourselves, but with our stars that we are underlings.