Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Lesson #3: Don't Walk By Yourself In a Dicey Neighborhood After Dark

Not even if you're just going to the office to finish up some bookwork that is due tomorrow.
The office was on West King Street, not exactly a bad neighborhood, but not exactly good, either. It was about 9:00 pm, and I was still in my "don't give in to fear" mode, so of course I had to walk the mile and a half to my destination. You'd have to be a real woose to get in the car and drive that short distance. It turns out that a "not exactly bad neighborhood" looks a lot badder after dark, in spite of streetlights and lighted storefronts. So I was getting nervous, as I passed various shady-looking characters hanging around on street corners and in front of the neighborhood bar.

But! I must not give in to fear!! I am woman! I am strong! I was about two blocks from my destination when a young man, who looked like a good-natured, hippy type of guy, came up to me and said, "Ma'am, you should NOT be walking by yourself in this neighborhood. It's not safe. Where are you going? I'll stay with you until you get there." I was flabbergasted, but convinced.
He hooked his arm in mine and walked me to the door of the office. I thanked him, and then he told me to take a taxi when it was time to go home.

I did. And I remembered what he said, and never repeated that particular imprudent act. After all, even a cat has only nine lives, and I had already used up three of mine.


Jewgirl said...

Thank GOD you are okay, MadamZ. What that bloke did is a restoration of faith that kindness does exist. That is quite refreshing.

I'm such a freak or such a New Yorker, I would've thought he was trying to mug me or rape me and would've cursed him from one end to the other.

Ms Smack said...

freakin' hell. Do you have to scare me? KNOCK THAT SHIT OFF!

I know the dude, like sister Katie, said is a sweet-heart, but sometimes the nastiest mofo's in history have been sweet-hearts to lure their victims. PLEASE don't put yourself at risk again.

DOGZPLOT: an erratic literary montage said...

hello z - i just read your comments on my flash piece at 6s, so i decided to check the blog out. i really like this piece a lot. i too, am from lancaster, grew up on mulberry. so i enjoyed the reference to king st. take care and god bless - barry g

Dr. Zaius said...

At least you are safe. Hippies to the rescue!