Sunday, June 01, 2008

The Blues Made Me Happy!

Hubby and I just got back from an outdoor concert. The weather was perfect and the music was red hot and blue! The star was Big Jack Johnson, still dishing out the soul music at age 67! He was accompanied by the Corn Likkers, a bunch of hard-rocking old white guys who seemed to worship B.J. All of us in the audience were pretty darned captivated by him as well. He just leaned back in his chair and made that gee-tar moan. I loved watching his face. He had this easy, relaxed smile that made me feel that he was as entertained by us, as we were by him. Hubby and I danced our socks off...literally! Shoes and socks were discarded after the first song. We were dancing on the lawn, and it felt good to have my bare toes digging into the grass.

It was also fun to observe some of the other dancers. There were all ages, from babies to some really OLD people (even older than me!). My favorite in the "old" category was a tall, slender woman who must have been at least 75 or 80. She had BRILLIANT RED-ORANGE hair that was positively stunning! And she was dancing like it was 1950! Shaking her booty and having a good ol' time. It made me feel good to see someone who wasn't about to let her age get in the way of enjoying herself. I'm always fussing about how awful it is to be getting old and thinking I should just wear a sack over my head. And here was this lady, old enough to be my mother, who didn't give a good god-damn if everyone in that whole audience saw her wrinkles. Yay! Rock on, grandma!

I also enjoyed observing some of the young people, particularly some of the young MEN, and ESPECIALLY a CERTAIN young man. He had been sitting on the sidelines of the dance area, his whole body convulsing to the rhythm of the music, but seemingly reluctant to stand up and dance. Then along came another young guy, tall and gangly and dancing spastically, with a big, happy grin on his face. Apparently, he was a friend of the first guy, because he made his way over to him and persuaded him to get up and DANCE! I'm telling you...when that kid got up from his crouched position, it was like an explosion of testosterone! He jumped and stomped and jabbed his arms up and down, his eyes were glazed and the muscles in his arms and shoulders were was electrifying! It had a positively visceral effect on me. I had to lead hubby over to the side, because I didn't want anyone to know what a DIRTY OL' LADY I am.

Anyway, a good time was had by all, and after two hours of non-stop R & B, including two encores, they packed up their band and we revelers all wandered back to our cars. My brain is still pulsing to the beat.


Anonymous said...

Music is a powerful thing. Sounds like you had a blast!

Old? Never. I mean, not in the bad way.

Liquid said...

Now that sounds like a ton of fun.

I know I'd have been looking too.

Hmmmmmmmmm.........Nevah too old to do that!


Catherine said...

Oh I am so gonna dance until I am dead and gone - I wound up dancing by myself yesterday and this made me giggle reading your blog!

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

You go girl.

Madam Z said...

dcup: Yeah, I'm getting GOOD and old!

liquid: NEVAH! (I hope...)

catherine: I've always thought that if I ever have a fatal heart attack, I would like it to happen while I'm dancing.

dr. monkey: OK! I always follow the doctor's orders!

Utah Savage said...

I used to dance alone all the time. lately when I'm listening to music I'm blogging. But I have noticed that my fingers start dancing.

Dr. Zaius said...

Cool! Sounds like fun.