Friday, August 29, 2008

Four Words for the Democrat Party

Sorry guys, we're fucked.


bizQuirk said...

Gov Palin is a true citizen representative. She came froma small town, was a mayor, is real real real.

Compared to her, John Mcain is a corpse. He should have gone to jail for his role in the S&L scandal, which he practically authored.

I'm a democrat, I have to vote for Barry O, but I don't think he is G-d, he is just a Chicago pol.

Gov Palin, although pro-life and a right wing nut, is so charming and real, that maybe, if Mcain wins - at his age, maybe a natural passing and she can have the seat.

Charm Charm Charm. Real Folks.

Distributorcap said...

she has charm -- but i cannot wait for the moveon ads talk about the 3am call and the fact she told Larry Kudlow she didnt know what a VP did -- which is all over YouTube

bizQuirk said...

No one knew, until recently when Darth vader became VEEP, what a VP could do.

Wasn't it Alexenader Hamilton that said VP isn't worth a warm bucket of spit? TR?

Madam Z said...

bizquirk: Yes, she's charming.
She's relatively young.
She's pretty.
She's reasonably smart.
She kicks ass.

I'd say she presents the perfect contrast to McCan't.

dc: Okay, so "she didn't know what a VP" does. Neither do most of us! That's why the douchebag Cheney has been able to do so much behind-the-scenes damage.

biz: Bingo!

KELSO'S NUTS said...

I used to be a Democrat before exile in points South of Babylon, so I'll always "be" a Democrat. As I've often said, being a Democrat is sort of being like a Mets fan. They play well enough to break your heart in ever more bizarre and torturous ways.

Barack Obama was not my first choice. Hardly. In order of preference I liked: Kucinich, Clinton, Paul, Richardson, Dodd, Obama, Edwards, Romney.

As the campaign wore on I went from an extreme HRC advocate to neutral, following basically what I thought was cheap shotting of Michelle Obama based upon something she said to Larry King, but more importantly,Obama's race speech in Philadelphia was the finest piece of political oratory I had ever heard. I was neutral between HRC and Obama thereafter.

Now, I am an Obama absolutist against McCain with no misgivings whatsoever. I think that with a little room to wiggle, Obama can have as succesful an 8 years as Bill Clinton did.+

Obama, alas, is a brilliant man but still somewhat inexperienced as a campaigner and is prone to rookie mistakes,e.g., moving far to the right after getting the necessary delegates, moving further right still (losing a debate to McCain at the Saddleback thing hosted by a White Televangelist).

His masterful planning of the convention and outstanding acceptance speech left no doubt in my mind that he is very cool under pressure. And has a level of sophistication to his poliics that I've never seen before in any politician.

Still, I was worried because if McCain chooses Romney we've got problems. You can laugh at Romney for his Ken doll looks and stiff appearance but he's one of the shrewdest and most capable people in politics and has the most experience of anyone by far in economics, business and finance which are all part of Issue #1 The Economy and issue #2, The War in Iraq.

Obama's been either beating him or level throughout, how could he not pick Romney? Shit, I'm more radical than any of y'all and I think Romney could step in as President easily. He'd probably be a good one.

But, nooooooo...McCain picks Governor Palin, Miss Congeniality. She got into politics, why again? Because she flunked beauty school?

She's dump as a stewed beet. She's a fundamentalist relgious freak. And she brinks all 4 EV to McCain from Alaska.

How's she going to debate Biden? No worse I suppose than McCain against Obama.

Sarah Palin was a wonerful pick for Democrats. She gives Obama a chance at 400+ electoral votes.

bizQuirk said...

It will be difficult for Joe Biden to debate Palin and seem fair and non-condescending.

Helen said...

I'm not so sure that she causes us any problems really.
Sure, there will be some women who vote for McCain JUST b/c the VP is a woman. But many more will reject her positions on all sorts of things.
The ones who'll stick b/c of her voice, would have voted for him anyway.
And some.... some will leave b/c they'd rather have a 1/2 black man in office than risk having a woman there.
(need to somehow disenfranchize those who vote on the basis of race/color/gender/religion ...seriously)

Utah Savage said...

Perfect! First laugh of the weekend for me. Thank you very much.

Bill Stankus said...

Nah, she's more Dollywood than Washington DC. Right now she's getting a media bump that's mostly positive - but as she opens her mouth and talks on issues - she will be prove to be an embarrassment.

The Repugs can no longer use their "Obama is inexperienced" card. And as Sarah Barracuda attempts to sweet talk Hillary supporters most if not all will eagerly vote for Obama.

The Repugs are desperate. Whoopee!

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

His pick of a monumentally unqualified female will not help him. It will among the MILF loving demographic but among women, especially fromer HIllary supporters, it's going to hurt big time since she's against all abortions in all cases. She is anti feminist and anti female.

Madam Z said...

Okay, y'all have soothed my fears. I thought she gave a very good speech the night she was nominated and somehow I missed any reference to anti-choice or other far right subjects. Maybe it was because my right-wing hubby was shouting huzzahs in my ear, as she was speaking.

She has been so thoroughly trashed since then, that I don't see how even the MILFs (thank you, Dr. Monkey) can still be enthusiastic. I am not convinced, however, that she's going to be as inept a debater as y'all think she's going to be. We'll see...

Exile said...

Hello Madam Z.,

Yes, that's about the size of it. I came across you via your posting at PoliTits, and they don't get it either.

I have been blogging about this woman for two days now. I get it perfectly.

It's nice being right, but I am glad that I am not an American.

Creepy said...

The idea that she could be a heartbeat away from the presidency is frightening -- she isn't remotely prepared for that position. The Dems couldn't possibly be happier with this selection.

Anonymous said...

I'm a little late to this MZ, but I don't know how you can win an election with "Stacey's Mom" as your running mate.

Joseph Lupoli said...

I dunno though...Palin is pretty hot looking. I'd do her even if she was half as pretty...LOL

Funny blog you've got going!