Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Several More Words for the Democrats

Get Obama to dump Boring Biden and find a beautiful, fiery, articulate WOMAN with some EXECUTIVE experience, even if it's only as President of a goddamn HOCKEY CLUB!
And if that won't fly, at least find a speaker as entertaining as Rudy Guilliani to address some rallies. Otherwise, Obama's campaign is going to sink like a stone. A heavy, grey, self-righteous, bloviating stone.


Anonymous said...

Joe Biden's fan club will so be over here later to give you a stern talking to!

Be prepared to be comfortable, it could be a looooong night.;-)

Anonymous said...

Cmon Z. You don't seriously mean that do you? I mean I actually watched McCain's speech tonight and he had about as much appeal as a 2x4. Okay, so maybe Biden's a bit stiff, but even he's more polished than McCain, who set a new Republican record for flubbed lines.

Madam Z said...

dcup: Bring 'em on! They'll have some work to do. I would, however, LIKE to like him, since we're stuck with him.

spartacus: Yikes! I never meant to imply that McCan't was appealing, in ANY way! I was comparing Biden to Palin. I think she is appealing because of her confidence, good humor and different style from the same ol' sami ol' good ol' boys.

But, since a President Obama is considerably less likely than a president McCain to keel over from a stroke or heart attack before the end of his term, Obama's V.P. choice is not a deterrent to me voting for him.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Honestly hon, the only people who fall for Rudy Ghouliani are old Jewish voters and New Yorkers. Out here in the real world outside of Miami and NYC we all know he's an idiot.

Liquid said...

This fact just tickles me!