Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fingers in Ears, Eyes Closed, La-la-la

Keep busy, keep out extra hard at gym (I have 12 1/2 inch biceps. Can any of you ladies top that?) Clean house...nah...rake yard, front and back - YEah! Prune berry bushes...pain from thorns keeps my mind off of... la-la-la... Walk to market, buy 2 lbs of coffee because it's two for the price of one, get home and try to make a pot of coffee, because my energy is flagging, but discover that the coffee is WHOLE BEANS, NOT GROUND! SHIT!!! Try to grind coffee in blender, take lid off to see how it's going, coffee powder spews all over kitchen counter. Make pot of coffee from partially ground coffee beans, drink bitter brew, start cooking dinner, the news comes on the radio...NO, NO, MUST NOT LISTEN! LA-LA-LA! Congress will decide whether to bail out Wall Street to the tune of 700 billion smackers and they have to hurry, because it's time for their vacation! NO, NO, MUST NOT THINK ABOUT IT! Wash dishes, talk to neighbor...she asks what I think about the "stupid-ass bailout." Run! Get back in the house. LA-LA-LA!


Utah Savage said...

I'm too lazy to actually do any of the real work that needs doing, but the obsessive listening and or watching is my current JOB. Ask me anything. If I don't know, I'll at least have a passionate opinion.

Madam Z said...

utah, I was an Economics major back in college 30 years ago, so I have a rough idea what's going on, but it is just so upsetting! I am fearful that the whole house of cards will come tumbling down. We (the U.S.A.)are alread in debt, up to our armpits, and sinking fast. How much more can we take, especially considering how much of the debt is held by foreigners?

Bill Stankus said...


Isn't that the theme music from the Palin-McCain campaign?

V good!

btw, feel free to borrow my How Old is John McCain?

Harry said...

Madam Z,

The dictator and The Penguin's reign of greed and corruption will be over soon (Hallelujah)but the mopping up will likely take a spell. The world is going to hell in a hand basket but if you've read Steinbeck's "The Winter OF Our Discontent" or gotten out your thick lenses and deciphered some Shakespeare, you know we were always heading that direction. The infuriating thing about these "new" guys is that approximately half of our voting citizenry would elect 'em again if they could. Even so, it seems to me hell's still a stretch down the road and I've noticed if you look out the window along the way you see some pretty interesting things. T.S. Kyle is spinning up some surf no lobbyist can fuck up and that has my special interest. I'm Harry Sanderford and I approve this message. What kind of berries are on your bush?

Paid for by the committee to get Madam Z a decent cup of coffee.

Madam Z said...

bill, I will borrow your "How Old is John McCain" post, if it's really okay with you. I'll give you credit, of course.

harry, you're the cream in my coffee. ;)

"The infuriating thing about these "new" guys is that approximately half of our voting citizenry would elect 'em again if they could." I agree! In fact, I said almost the exact same thing in a comment on someone else's post yesterday.

Aaaannd, regarding your "berry" question, I certainly had no idea how bad that sounded when I wrote it! I was innocently referring to the removal of dead branches from my RASPBERRY bushes, Mr. Smartypants.

Harry said...

I noticed the innuendo in my question AFTER posting it. I was actually thinking about how I used to find blackberries without even looking for them and how now I can't remember the last time I ran across any growing wild. I'll have to keep an eye peeled. Of course now I'm thinking of your raspberry bush. And pie.

Cunning_Linguist said...

I'm taking the un-political road on this one..... what was for dinner?