Thursday, April 02, 2009


It was just Wham-Bam
You did not say "Thank-you-ma'am"
You have no manners

I try to play fair
But I always come in last
Only cheaters win

Give me those flowers
I will crush them underfoot
I will break your heart

What? I can't hear you
Are you begging for mercy
Ha! Don't make me laugh

Okay, I give up
I can't make myself hate you
I love you too much
Let's try it again
This time let me be on top
Ah...that's much better


CareyCarey said...

Madam Z, hello are you? I am just dropping by because I saw your post at another post. I am fairly new to blogging and I am looking around to see how it's done. You are interesting. Stop through some time. It's a dudes spot so it's not all that.

notjeffery said...

I enjoyed reading this. It is very tongue in cheek or tongued cheek...
Thanks for sharing!

Peace to you,