Saturday, December 19, 2009

Haiku For Now, Memoir Later
I've written a lot of memoir-type short (500 to 1000 words) stories, recalling my rather odd life. They sit mouldering away in my file cabinet, because I'm too lazy to ever try to do anything with them. It just occurred to me today that I could post one on my blog now and then. If I get even one comment encouraging me to do so, I will. Otherwise, I will continue to let them moulder, which is fine.
In the meantime, I entertained myself while at Starbucks today, writing some haiku. I like haiku, because it's effortless, both to write and to read. I even compose them at night sometimes, while lying in bed, unable to sleep. I don't remember them in the morning, which is just as well.
Sitting in Starbucks
Drinking my cappucino
Wanting more from life

Caffeine is a drug
A legal drug, thank goodness
Or I'd be in jail

Cool jazz overhead
Does that mean Starbucks is cool?
Or "cool" wannabe?
Now it's folk music
There's something for everyone
Except me, that is

Now Christmas music!
For Christ's sake, leave me alone!
I want peace on ears

Disclaimer: The photo posted above is not me, not even a reasonable facsimile. Starbucks paid me to insert it, so all the the multitudes of horny male readers of this blog will think they will find women who look like that, sipping their lattes and looking for love. Forget it, losers. It's not gonna happen.


Bill Stankus said...

$tarbuck$? Well OK I guess it's Christmas. Now trot out those mini stories. Please.

Connor said...

Hope you're surviving the storm okay. More Haiku would be nice but yes, stories about your life.

Ms Smack said...

I agree with Bill and Connor.

Bring the stories on!

Madam Z said...

Wow, what a pleasant surprise! Three out of three votes in the "yes" column! Okay, steel yourselves...I'll post the first one tomorrow.

Montgomery Maxton said...

i've been waiting for your memoir for two years now.

Harry said...

I really don't get Haiku. I'm a pretty big fan of koo-ky though so yeah, let's have a look at the autobiography.