Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Well, the memoir idea went over like a lead balloon! Okay friends, no more treacly tales. Keep it light! That's my motto. How 'bout those 'sixers? Cold enough for ya? Merrrrrry Christmas!


fingers said...

Don't be silly, Z.
Keep going, you have a lovely, light, humorous touch for what is obviously a tough subject to dredge up. I normally loathe agony memoirs because of the unrelenting grind with which the writer hopes to draw the reader into their personal nightmare but yours is eminently readable.
As Bill says, not everyone can manage a comment afterwards though.
Unless you count 'Yikes' as a passable reaction.
Merry Xmas, Z...

Bill Stankus said...

Yeah, ditto fingers and what I said.

Ms Smack said...

There ya go!

Keep going. Fingers is a prick sometimes, but he gives good advice other times and this time he's on the money.

Keep going!

I love them!