Wednesday, January 26, 2011

'S no Fun!

It's snowing again. We don't need any more snow, goddamnit! There was plenty of snow on the ground yesterday, then more was dumped on us this morning. It finally stopped around 2 pm and I thought it was done. But NOOOOO! That witch, Mother Nature had to flex her stupid snow muscles again, and now I don't even want to look outside, for fear the goddamn house is being buried in the disgusting stuff.
I thought global warming was supposed to take care of this unpleasantness. Surely by now we in the mid-state region should be able to grow orchids outside in the middle of winter. But all we can grow now is gigantic icicles! I actually saw some icicles yesterday that reached from the eaves of a neighbor's house, all the way to the ground.
One week from today is Groundhog Day. That little bastard better not see his shadow, or he's going into my stew pot!


Gorilla Bananas said...

Well, if you took a southbound train...I wonder what it's like at the boundary, where there's snow to the north and green grass to the south?

Harry said...

Giant icicles sound cool! MmmmmmmGroundhog stew!