Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Is it true that "Love means never having to say you're sorry?" If so, hubby must love me a whole lot. That man would not apologize for anything, no matter how clear it is, to me at least, that he is IN THE WRONG! I, on the other hand, apologize MY ASS OFF if I see that it (whatever "it" is) is my fault. Does he really not see that what he has said (sarcastic, demeaning remark) is hurtful? When I show my displeasure (usually by throwing up my hands and saying something like, "FINE! I'll just shut up and never say anything again," or stomping out the door and driving around the block ten times) he accuses me of "acting nutty" and asks me if I forgot to take my medicine (Zoloft) today. I reply, icily, that "Of course, I took my medicine!" whether I did or not.

Is it just the "Mars, Venus" thing? Are men inherently unable to admit fault? To fucking apologize? Or at least, switch gears and be extra nice? Hmm. He does do that sometimes. That helps, but it's not as satisfying as I think it would be if he'd just say, "I'm sorry, Baby-doll. Come here and let me comfort you."

Oh well. He cooks, he helps with the housework, he's nice at least half of the time and he's good in bed. What the hell am I complaining about?