Sunday, July 29, 2007

The night is hot and steamy, and so am I. It was on a night like this, many years ago, that boyfriend du jour and I were rolling around on the floor, fucking like dogs in heat, in the heat, until we were sweating buckets and completely satiated. We let go of one another and rolled onto our backs, smiling and catching our breaths. He started stroking me affectionately, and one of his fingers dipped into my bellybutton, which was filled to the brim with sweat. Not just my sweat, but our sweat, and BF hadn't bathed for a while, which was part of his charm. Struck suddenly by an unwise, romantic impulse, BF announced that he would "sip my nectar," and put his lips to the naval goblet. I heard a small "slurp" and then a shriek, followed by a great deal of spitting and swearing. I laughed until tears rolled down my sweaty cheeks. "It's not funny," he insisted, but he was wrong.


KELSO'S NUTS said...

I don't have that club in my bag.

Not a big navel guy, but the lead up got me going pretty good. Solid 1/2-to-5/8 on the peter meter. I think you have a bright future in erotica. May have to do the biz myself, actually. Good one.

Thanks so much for your kind words about my musings on "Judeo-Christian Values" bulshit. Meant a lot.

DCup said...

I love the adventure!

Sex should be sloppy and messy and sometimes taste funky.

KELSO'S NUTS said...

Don't leave us hanging, girl. Kick the next story.