Monday, September 17, 2007

I wish I could write like Kelso, or dcup. How the heck do they find time for such long, entertaining and enlightening posts? I'm interested in political matters, but not ambitious enough to do any actual research before publishing my opinions, even though I am VERY SURE that my opinions are WELL-FOUNDED and ABSOLUTELY DEFENSIBLE, if only I were much more ambitious, which I'm not.

So...I will write about sex, instead, because that's always entertaining, at least to me, and I'm a bit "stirred" tonight, so that's all I can think of. Specifically, I'm thinking of Pan-man, and that summer afternoon when we were walking in the woods, thinking we were all alone, and that it would be perfectly safe to make love by the side of the creek, EVEN THOUGH IT WAS BY A PUBLIC TRAIL IN THE MIDDLE OF THE AFTERNOON OF A BEAUTIFUL, SUNNY DAY! So there we were, indulging in position number 69, and enjoying ourselves very much, thank you, when all of a sudden, PM pulled away, grabbed for his clothes and pushed me toward mine. A large dog was ambling toward us. "If a dog's in the woods, his owner can't be far behind," he whispered, as we both hitched up our britches. He was right, of course, and we barely made our semi-clothed retreat before the unwelcome hiker barged into our little trysting place. Such are the perils of illicit love.

Maybe next time I'll talk about the time we "did it" on the conference table, after hours, in the office. Was that ever exciting!


kimono hime said...

Oh dear. Been there, almost done that. Seems my sweet tart and I find a secluded spot in the woods (we live near a ski resort) and get about one button into things when someone else comes tromping up the path. Never mind that we wandered around for half an hour and not another soul in sight, oh no. It's like there's some radar signal that goes of and says "quick! head this way for some coitus interruptus!" *sigh*

(p.s. I'm a "Z" too and found your blog via a convoluted trail blazed by another online friend. So now you know.)

Anonymous said...

I'd much rather read about sex than politics anyday!

Keep up the fun, well-written posts! I love your stories of mad sex.

KELSO'S NUTS said...

Agree with D-CUP. Ain't no big thing. I have an inherited cognitive thing which allows me to remember stuff in great detail, plus a lot of education and both my parents are novelists. So, I can't write polemic persuasively. Big deal.

You've already forgotten more about writing erotica than I'll ever know.

KELSO'S NUTS said...

make that CAN write POLEMIC. I'm a crappy copy editor, too boot!

V. said...

z. When did you start advertising your blog on Six Sentences? I feel like I have never read it before. Glad I am paying attention these days.