Thursday, September 13, 2007

Okay, this post is going to be boring, so you might as well bail out now. It's about politics as a source of marital discord. Discord almost to the point of pugilism! Hubby is a Bush-loving conservative Republican. Need I say more? Yes? Good, because I am revved up! He vigorously and vociferously supports Bush's INVASION OF IRAQ AND THE CONTINUED OCCUPATION. I try to avoid the subject, because I know neither of us will ever convince the other of his/my point of view. It just occured to me as I wrote that sentence, that my attitude about arguing is consistent with my attitude toward the war: I HATE WAR AND FIGHTING AND HOPELESS ARGUING! Hubby apparently LOVES WAR AND FIGHTING AND ARGUING! GRRRRRRR!

So, back to my story. Tonight we had a pleasant, peaceful dinner, watched Wheel of Fortune, and decided to go for a walk, as we often do in the evening. Tom started talking derisively about a woman at his work, whom he detests, and her attempts to recruit people to go with her to the Peace March in DC this weekend. I said, "Oh, I want to join the march. Maybe I could ride with her." Stupid me! He then started his usual diatribe about how I "support terrorists, support Osama bin Laden, and love Hitler and wouldn't have wanted the USA to join WWII, etc ad nauseum." We have been through this countless times. And every time, I assure him that I do NOT support terrorists, or Osama, or Hitler, and I certainly believe that we were completely correct in defeating Germany and Japan. So tonight, I was trying to keep relatively calm in the face of his STUPID attack, and then he delivered his coup de grace: "Go to DC! Join the march! Stay all day if you want to. You'll be so PROUD of yourself." All this was voiced with dripping sarcasm. At that point I boiled over with a loud "FUCK YOU!" and turned around and walked away as fast as I could. We're back home now, in opposite corners of the house, not speaking. So much for agreeing to disagree.


KELSO'S NUTS said...

Allow your blog Brother Kelso to play marriage counselor for a minute. Your husband cannot be all bad. He has great taste in wives.

It sounds like he's a aggressive man and that's not a bad thing. You want some of that in a man. And we men really do have a lot of aggression in us. I know I do and I'm a pacifist. I just think he needs a more wholesome outlet for the aggression than Bush's criminal wars. Let me suggest one. He ought to get into watching boxing. I love the fights and always have. It has all the "thrill" of war but the participants are willing and the sport of it is great. No, I don't think the weighty questions of Hitler, etc., are going to be settled by the two big upcoming bouts, JERMAIN TAYLOR v KELLY PAVLIK and FLOYD MAYWEATHER, JR., v RICKY HATTON, but these should be very interesting fights and if there's any racial element to your husband's enthusiasm for Bush's wars, he'll get his fill here. Both of these fights feature a Black Man versus a White Man. I reckon the white man is the likely winner of the former and the black man is the likely winner of the latter.

But these are 4 very, very talented boxers.

This is also a good test for your husband because if he says that he doesn't like the fights because they're too violent, then I'm sorry to say your marriage may not be worth saving because you have married a very illogical man who's suited to neither right wing nor left wing politics but ought to consider knitting as a hobby. Or show tunes.

If his problem with boxing is "corruption," well...see above. Way more corruption in one day in Iraq than in the most suspicious of fights promoted by Don King.

Madam Z said...

Brother Kelso, you have proved your brilliance once again. Thank you very much for your thought provoking and smile inducing counseling.

KELSO'S NUTS said...

Thanks, Z. Just think of me as the Dr. Phil of the dark side.