Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Braindrops Keep Falling From My Head
(These materialized while I was on an airplane recently)

We're suspended in air
Between the ocean and sky
Someday we will land
I have no headphones
I cannot hear the movie
I saved five dollars
I have a headache
Why don't I take some aspirin?
Perhaps I like pain
Neurotic, you say?
No! Just dreadfully nervous
And a bit anxious
Life is not easy
I try to understand it
It's quite confusing
Where are my ideas?
I've looked everywhere for them
Perhaps they are gone


Anonymous said...

These are really good! Flight seems to have been an excellent muse.

Anonymous said...

Nice job. But any flight that lands safely is a good one. Enjoy the holidays!

Madam Z said...

Greetings, faithful friends
I'm so glad you read my blog
and leave nice comments

Zelda Claus

Ms Smack said...

You are way more talented and creative than me. I couldn't do haiku if you paid me.

Merry Christmas, darlin'


Dr. Zaius said...

The best part of not paying for the headphones is that you get to make up your own dialog to the film. Merry Christmas, Madam Z!

electro-kevin said...

Where are your ideas ?

This was a really good post, actually. I enjoyed its simplicity.

Nice to see your avatar again.

Distributorcap said...

although late to the game as always

i hope you have the merriest of holiday seasons!

Utah Savage said...

Hiaku is not within my skill set, so I greatly admire you skills. I'm sorry I have not been around much lately, stuck in a bit of a rut. But the holidays will soon be over and a more orderly life might return.

But never doubt my admiration for you home here, so lovely, so tempting to move right in. I will try to restrain myself.