Monday, December 01, 2008

I'm Thankful Thanksgiving is Over!

Oh man! Where should I start? It's not that my in-laws mistreat me, it's just that we are so different from one another. They're Irish Catholics - I'm a heathen. They are not affectionate with one another. It's my nature to be demonstrative. Except for the mother and one brother, they all drink beer and wine non-stop from noon to midnight. I seldom drink, because I am fearful of getting drunk and acting like an idiot. (I saw way too much of that when I was a child.) But the worst thing is that NO ONE gets my sense of humor and only one or two of them has any interest whatsoever in anything I have to say. If I had to be around them more than once or twice a year, I would be convinced that I was the most boring person ever to walk the earth. Fortunately, I have more positive reactions from my own family and friends, so I try to remember that and not get too demoralized.
Bear with me for an example of what it's like. Several of us will be sitting around the table, chatting. Something will strike me as funny, and I make a joke. The conversation stops, everyone becomes stony-faced, and after a few moments of silence they continue talking. I flush with embarrassment and leave the table. It's as though I have thrown a dead fish onto the table. Everyone looks at it with mild disgust and then turn away. You'd think I would have learned by now to just STFU! One of the other sisters-in-law does that. She just gets silently smashed and reads a book through most of the festivities.

Oh well. The food is good and there's no violence, so I shouldn't complain. And, even though my mother-in-law helpfully explained to me that I should cut my hair and regain the weight I lost when I was sick, because long hair and lost weight make a woman look even older than she is, I still love her, because if not for her I wouldn't have my sweet hubby.


Bill Stankus said...

Once I had similar experiences. I solved my conflict my simply not going to those holiday meals. This was when we lived in the same area as the in-laws. My wife would go and I stayed back and enjoyed my solitude. She understood so there was never an issue between us.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I'm thankful you got through it in one piece.

Randal Graves said...

I hate to ruin the good vibes of 'glad that shit is over' but don't forget, The Worst Holiday Ever® will soon be upon us. ;-)

Montgomery Maxton said...

here's to Christmas!

Anonymous said...

OMG. Have you been hanging out with my in-laws again? heh. Well, I'll say this: Like your situation, they're Irish-Catholics and I'm a heathen. Where we differ is that I'm not quite the smart-ass with my in-laws as you are with yours. I just simply have no entrée into their conversations. Until recently, I used to slink away from the crowd after exchanging pleasantries and find a comfortable couch on which to nap. Now, I'm a bit more engaging now that my wife spoke to them about how they've been cutting me out.

BTW.. my comment is in reference to my brothers and sisters in-law. My mother and father in-law passed away a quite a few years back and I can't think of them as being anything other than dear, sweet, generous people.

Anonymous said...

Sounds familiar, but like your sister -in-law, after the initial hellos, I pretty much keep my mouth shut. Or I talk to MathMan's very funny and kooky sister.

Madam Z said...

Bill: I wish I could follow your example, but it's not an option.

Dr M: I'm thankful you're thankful. Thanks.

Randal: Fortunately, the "Worst Holiday Ever" will be observed in silence, at home.

Monty: Bah Humbug!

Spartacus: Oh, are you that quiet guy who sits in the corner by the window??

Dcup: Gee, I wish my hubby had a "very funny and kooky sister" for me to talk to.

anita said...

that is SO funny. i can totally relate to the "stony faces" scenario.

i've learned to revel in the fact that i'm so misunderstood!!

well, most of the time. sometimes it just sucks. but so be it. losers.


Harry said...

I'm stealin' the "stuffing" cartoon Z. THANKS!. H